Tonight we decided to eat at one of the street restaurants up near the castle wall.  They set up all these tables and chairs and the streets become restaurant areas.  It is so charming.  The local people are there enjoying meals with family and friends.  We were fortunate to be apart of it on this beautiful night!

We shared a traditional paella, which is a favorite of ours.  There was lamb, meatballs (which we didn't eat as they would have some flour in them), chicken,  and pork in it.  Saffron rice, when I do eat rice, seems to go down easy.   Maybe the chicken broth it's cooked in...not sure, but I enjoyed this meal.  

The ambiance made our meal that much more special.  Part of healthy eating is the creation of healthy food in great surroundings.  This fit the bill for that.  Riding our bikes to get there and get back to the hotel even added a more special note. 

There's nothing like riding at the tail end of dusk, by the Spanish Riviera, with a warm breeze after a great meal!  Tonight capped off a great day!

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