David and I drove back down to Valencia, as he decided that the futbol store there had the best prices on futbol jerseys (professional soccer teams).  It was a beautiful drive.  

Taking in the sights as we drove again gave time for a closer look.  The orange trees are really beautiful!  The land is filled with terraced orchards and beautiful homes.  We were really surprised that we didn't see anyone out in the orchards working.  It was about 11:00 am and we expected to see some action out there.  They must either come out much earlier, or later on after the siesta time at around 4-5 pm.  

Once we got back and got with Anna Mae, we decided to go and rent some bicycles for the next couple of days.  We walked there, about a 45 minute walk.  It is simply amazing to me every time that I travel to Europe how much we DO NOT walk many places back home.  

We drive everywhere.  Could that be part of the problem with our digestive issues?  I think so.  Walking gets you outside - a good source of natural vitamin D3.  Walking gets your metabolism working - which helps to regulate our bodies.  Walking relieves boredom and gets the muscles working.....

I am going to be more purposeful in walking more when I get home. 

I wasn't able to get a photo as we were driving, but just look at how healthy these orange trees are that are growing right along the street in Denia.  This region is bursting with fresh oranges.  Coming from Florida, Bradenton, where Tropicana Orange Juice is made, I appreciate good, good citrus!

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