Today we chose to relax at our condo until after the siesta time (about 5:00pm).  Here it is called an aparthotel.  We have a one bedroom unit with a kitchenette and a clothes washer.  It has been nice to be able to have food available when we need it.  Our pools are fabulous as well, as you will see from the pictures.

In Europe, you drink bottled water, so having a refrigerator has made it possible to refill our water bottles from a much more economical larger gallon jug and then put them in the refrigerator.   The cost of water can add quite a bit on to a vacation.  Bottled water goes for 1-2 euros per bottle at the least.  We bought 2 gallon jugs of water for 0.44 euros each, which is a substantial savings.

This little kitchenette is very efficiently put together, with everything you need at your fingertips.  That is a trademark in a lot of international countries, as their typical living spaces are much smaller and more efficient than our American standards.  You can even see my cute little espresso maker on the range cooking me up some fabulous espresso!

Ok, so enough about our living quarters....on to the gf goodness!  I usually wake up fairly early and have an organic espresso with coconut milk and some fresh fruit.  Today, I had cherries with my coffee.  This way I am not drinking my coffee alone, which seems to work better for me.  There are many opinions about when, and how, to eat your fruit.  

Should I eat it alone before the meal, with the meal, or after the meal.?  Here are a few links to articles that can help you decide what works best for you.  Should Fruit Be Eaten Before or After Meals?The Best Way To Eat Fruitand Eating Fruit Before Meals are 3 good articles that give relevant information to look at.  The scientist in me (BS Biology/Microbiology) has to concur with the articles in that eating fruit with your meal will not produce fermentation, as the acid in the stomach would prevent that.  However, too much can upset your stomach.

OK....enough on science.  Later in the early evening, we headed into Denia for shopping and dinner.  I had the BEST paella that I have had, and also some really good Sangria. Paella is typically a gluten free dish, but not grain free, as there is rice in it.  The meat/seafood in the dish can vary.  I chose to have chicken, as the dish was a very large portion.  I knew I would have leftovers.  Chicken is a better left-over than fish.

My daughter, as you will see from the pictures, opted for her beloved potatoes, Spanish bacon, and eggs.  She was happy...I was happy...  Sitting on the sidewalk outside the cafe was beautiful, and we enjoyed the sunset too.  

In closing for the day, I want to encourage you, once again, to be brave, bold and adventurous!  Living gluten, grain, and sugar free isn't confining - it is liberating if you let it be.  Looking, feeling and eating your best fuels yours and my enjoyment factor in life!  Until tomorrow...bon apetit!

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