Valencia...such a beautiful city!  We drove the hour here from Denia and it was well worth it!  The Mercado here in this beautiful old building was excellent!  Fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and!  This puts all the farmer's markets i have been to before to shame!

Our eyes were popping out of our heads with the bountiful fare here.  It was hard not to buy more than we could eat, for sure!  The treasures I came away with are really good!  The medjool dates and dried peaches are not dried as much as what we get in the USA.  They are moist, plump, and melt in your mouth!  I have never had better.  

As you can see from the picture, the cherries are really big, and very ripe.  The eggs are extra large, the chorizo and jamon (ham), and the romano cheese, are very fresh as well.  The package of mixes is to make paella...which we plan on making for either lunch or dinner tomorrow.

This is all possible as we have a condo with a kitchenette.  I love it.  It makes it possible to eat economically, as well as gets us out among the local people to learn their specialties and how to make them.  I could have spent hours with the friendly patrons of the market stalls.  They were all so accommodating and helpful!  

Part of traveling is the adventure of learning new things, and trying new foods.  Even though we eat gluten, grain and sugar free, we do not have to be afraid to try new dishes.  We typically are more lenient on sugars when traveling, but stay far, far away from corn syrup, and GMO products. Here In Europe, the GMO's are not a problem, as they also do not like them.  Corn syrup is not a problem either, unless we were to buy pre-packaged imported junk foods.  

This market is much bigger than my pictures captured, but here is a snippet of it.  Now I have the great tasting foods that I can use to make tasty, easy to prepare crepes and paella.  Yaaa!  For me, it is important that I eat something every 3-4 hours, whether a meal or just a small snack.  Otherwise, I am likely to make a poor food choice and pay for it later.  

This is the first time I have been able to take our gfmama crepe mixes overseas, and it has been working out fantastic!  I can put any ingredients I want to inside of them, and voila, a tasty, satisfying meal in minutes!  I am not struggling to figure out how to put foods together, because I have my own crepes, hot or cold, to use.  My food choices have been great so far, and I expect that trend to continue!

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Have a great day!