Our fourth day has been a blast!  We are in the citadel of Denia.  It is just a little over halfway between Valencia (where Valencia oranges originated) and Alicante.  We are staying just about a block from the Spanish Riviera, and this city is really fun!  There is a castle in the middle of the town!  You can read more about that on my other travel journal at  

Pictured above is a gelato/sorbetto, one little scoop of mixed berry and one scoop of mango coupled with an itty, bitty espresso italiano.  It is a delightful combination...all fruity goodness and a touch of espresso!  This has to be my favorite mid-afternoon treat when we are out and about here in Spain.  It's gluten free too, of course.  

I try to conserve money by cooking at least two meals per day.  It is not only easier on the pocketbook, but also easier on my digestion.  This morning we cooked scrambled eggs with italian bacon and gouda cheese.  Easy to make, and easy to digest.  If you are dairy free, then omit the cheese, por favor.  

After enjoying the castle, we wandered around in the middle of the city on the absolutely adorable, and very narrow, streets.  As you will see in the pictures, the restaurants set up chairs for dining right in the streets in the later afternoon.  At night, the cities come alive with people out enjoying the climate, company, and great food.  We will be doing the same in a couple of will be forthcoming.

I am also including a picture inside of the church in the square.  It is beautiful!  

After a full day of fun, sightseeing and a little shopping, we returned to our condo and had a light dinner of meats, veggies and fruits.  We didn't need much, as we kind of munched the day along. After going grain free, and then refined sugar free last January, I have found that I am not usually very hungry in the evenings.  My blood sugar is much more stable.  It is a great side benefit of eating healthy.  

Well, that's it for today... visit our website at for more great information on the gluten/grain/sugar free lifestyle.