Waking up to Madrid.....splendid!  The food, the people, and the sightseeing....priceless!  Woke up feeling so much better.  Amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do for you!  We packed up, and then headed out to see the Real Madrid stadium (David is a huge futbol fan - PSG is his favorite team).

We arrived at the stadium...and it was packed!  David told me that Real Madrid and Junentos were playing today (in Wales) in the Champions League Final.  The stadium store was PACKED, and they had already opened the Real Madrid stadium for people, who were watching the game on TV with thousands of other spaniards in the stadium, to go in and begin the party.....8 hours before game time!  Wow!  

We found a cute cafe to have breakfast, and had our huevos (eggs) with ham, chicken,  and potatoes.  It was really fresh, and really tasty.  This is a favorite breakfast dish in Spain.  Gluten free eating in Europe is not hard to achieve, as their diets are centered around fresh foods.  Yes, there is a lot of pan (bread) and pastries available, but also many gluten free menu choices as well.  

 After breakfast, we headed out on the four hour drive to Denia, which is on the Spanish Riviera between Valencia and Alicante.  We drove through an arid, semi-desert like area, followed by vast wheat fields.  It was here that we saw our first castle!  On the outside that is.  It was closed, but was still really cool to see.

Ok - we can stand in the wheat field, we just can't EAT any of it!  Hahaha!  After this, we traveled through some hills and came to big mountains as we came near the riviera.  The landscape changed from wheat fields, to farmland of crops, and then to olive and olive groves!  Beautiful!  

Denia is a beautiful city.  I am thankful to be here!  We checked into our condo and then ran to the market for some groceries before the market closed.  The patron of the market we went to was really nice.  Between speaking Spanish, English and French, we were able to converse and get the grocery shopping done!  C'est parfait!  I am more motivated than ever to become fluent in Spanish when I get home!  

We made crepes for dinner.  YES - WE PACKED SOME GFMAMA'S CREPE MIXES!  Bringing some dry mixes with you when you travel, if you have a kitchen, is a great way to keep the dining budget reasonable and stay healthy.  I recommend bringing gfmama's crepe mixes.  They are easily mixed up using a blender bottle, and only need eggs and water added!  They are very tasty too!  Pictures will be coming in future journal entries...we ate them before picturing tonight!

That's all for today....bon nuit!