Arriving in Madrid at 8;15am after an all night flight...well...we were tired!  We picked up our rental car and then headed to the hotel to see if we could check in and get a nap.  My snacks on the plane were great, and I am not hungry...just a bit tired.  

The view from our hotel.

The view from our hotel.

We were able to check into our hotel at noon!  Now for a nap and then off to find some gluten free foods to eat!  And, of course, some sightseeing and shopping.....

The biggest obstacle when traveling overseas to countries and eating gluten free is the language barrier.  I speak French, but know only a little Spanish.  However, in Europe so many people know multiple languages that it is easier than you may think.  I was able to ask for a menu in English.  

My choice?  A caesar salad with chicken, hold the caesar dressing (Soy makes me very sick and is present in almost ALL salad dressings in every country) and hold the croutons.  Instead, I asked for olive to and balsamic vinegar and made my own dressing......YUMMY!  Salad is a good first meal after a long flight, as it gets some fresh veggies in your system.  

The shopping and sightseeing are fabulous too!  More pictures to come!  Avez one bonne journee!