Le Chateau de Versailles....the palace of the kings....our destination for today.  If you have ever been here, you know the absolute grandeur of it.  Wow!  Heading out, we were hoping there would be some good gluten free food wither in, or somewhere near.  A mystery, for sure....

Arriving at the palace, we noticed right away that it is HUGE!  The gardens are extensive, and enormous.  What today is the garden area, was once the vineyards and crops areas.  

It is beautiful.  We walked and walked and walked...we could have kept walking for many more hours and not seen all the gardens. 

On our way to Marie-Antoinette's residence, a twenty minute walk from the palace proper, we got hungry.  We were able to find a really nice restaurant, La Petite Venise.  There were quite a few gluten free choices.  In the pictures below, you will see our choices.  Anna Mae got the chicken dish, David the veal dish, and I ordered the Risottto du jour (rice with salmon).  Each of our plates were marvellous!

Seeing the vast grounds and palaces was really a treat. It ended up being all of our' favorite place we went in Paris.  The gardens are tranquil and so beautiful.  Next time we come, we will rent bicycles and bring a picnic lunch along.  

I will finish for today with just a few of the beautiful garden pictures.....enjoy!