We did some more research on the internet last night, and we found a gluten free restaurant we just have to try!  So we got up and got ready today, and then headed to the Metro to go and find it..... 

It was a bit exciting to go hunting for the restaurant, Chambelland, for brunch today.  The meal was really good, and very fresh.  We both had sandwiches.  I also had a veggie salad, and then we finished it off with pain au chocolat, gluten free style.  It was simply yummy, and totally safe to eat!  

After our really good brunch we had tons of energy to take on L'Arc de Triumphe and the famed Champs Elysees. 

I am so thankful for our wise eating choices as we are walking probably at least four to five miles per day.  If we had been 'just eating whatever' we would not have been able to do this.  We would instead be bloated, cramping, and feeling horrible with no energy.  Instead, we are confident, happy and getting in great walking shape! 

Seeing our gluten free diet as an adventure, not a death sentence, makes traveling much easier.  We look forward to finding new places to eat and making new friends.  Asking about ingredients isn't embarrassing.  It opens the door to meet more people.  

A light dinner from a kabab house was all we needed to finish off another great day!