Day 14 started out right with a gluten free find!  I went out today looking for a gluten free bakery, really not expecting to find anything,....,but I did!  It is called 'helmut newcake' bakery, and it is only a 8 minute walk from my Aparthotel!  Hallelujah!  

I bought a couple of Eclairs and another kind of pastry that I cannot remember the name of.  What a fabulous treat to begin our day today.  David, Mae and I split up today, doing different things.  I rode  the Metro with Anna Mae to the Louvre.  Then, she went in, and I went on a two hour bike ride along the Seine River.  David slept a little longer and then walked to meet up with us and took a lot of pictures along the way.  

David doesn't follow a gluten free diet, and has been eating croissants, pain au chocolate, and other pastries every day for breakfast while we have been here.  Usually, that isn't a problem for Anna Mae and I, but for some reason we have been looking more and more longingly at his pastries.

We even had a conversation yesterday about how we 'could' eat one on the last day, knowing that we were flying home and could be sick back at home.  Ridiculous!!!  So, as I awoke  this morning, I was determined to find us some gluten free pastries of our own.  

Although we eat gluten and grain free nowadays, we don't want to be such rule followers that we don't allow for a treat now and then.  That way we do not resent eating so clean and healthy.  

We didn't used to feel this way, and we struggled.  

Now we feel free to make allowances now and then.  The result...we appreciate the way we eat and enjoy it, knowing we are free to choose to have a treat every now and then that may have grains, but is still gluten free.

This different perspective has given us a sense of freedom to choose.  Just a little change, but the result is that we embrace our healthy food eating choices so much better now.

It has been another fabulous day for us.....gluten free and free to be ourselves and love the life we lead!

Have a great day!