While it may not have been 'Breakfast at Tiffany's" we still felt elegant and special having breakfast at a restaurant across from the fame Paris Opera House.  That's how our day started.....

There are so many restaurants on every street.  I think it is most customary for the residents to eat out at least one or two meals per day.  Finding a grocery store, or even grocery market has been close to impossible.  We have seen two, thus far, and both times we were nowhere near our hotel.  

Some of the Metro stations have little fruit stands.  I got cherries today on our way to the Moulin Rouge stop.  Yes!  I had been wanting some fresh fruit!

It was fun to see the famed Moulin Rouge area.  Obviously there wasn't much there for us personally - hahaha - but we walked through it to the Basilica de Sacred Coeur.  We even took a rude up the little tram to the Basilica.  The streets are really really hilly, and made of cobblestones, so walking up them takes time!  

After going in to see the Basilica, we meandered through Montmartre (the hill area surrounding Sacred Coeur where some of the mist famous artists had studios...Van Gogh, Monet, Toulouse-Loutrec, etc.  The little shops were fabulous and we took the time to savor our sorbet et espresso!  

Meals can be quite expensive in Paris.  They are delicious, but if you are not careful you can blow through your money quite quickly.  That's why we have been trying to find a market to get the fixings for crepes we can make with our gfmama's crepe mixes that we brought with us.  That way we will be back to eating out for one meal per day and a snack.  

David stayed back at the hotel...he was tired.  Must've been that NBA game that was on in the middle of the night!  Teehee...  Mae and I took in the sights with delight!  I love wandering around new places!


We made it safely back to the Apparthotel to get David and go get some dinner.  After another meal of protein and pommes-frites (this time it was chicken...excellently cooked too), I simply insisted that we wander around until we found a supermarket or some place to buy meat, eggs, cheese, veggies and fruit!  

Mae and David agreed, and so we went walking!  Good for the body to walk this much...and voila! We found a little bitty 'supermarket' - yup, that's what the sign said.  We could barely fit in the store all together, but we did successfully get everything we needed to make crepes tomorrow!  Yes, Yes, Yes!  There is much to be said for determination!

Another fabulous day...we are blessed...travelling is worth the effort, no matter what the food diet needs!  A smile and a great positive attitude can go a long way to endearing you into the hearts of all you meet!  

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Have a great day...bon appetite,