Le Beaujolais Restaurant is the name of the restaurant we went to last night, and again tonight.  This time I remembered to take photos of the crepes too (To be fair...I remembered after we took just a few bites!) 

When you find something good...stick with it!  Hahaha!  Today we spent time visiting the home of the professional soccer team, Paris St Germaine.  It has been David's favorite team for years, and he couldn't wait.  The store was fabulous, but, we couldn't get a tour of the facility as they are renovating this week.  

Bummer is an understatement!  So, we decided to go back to our home run restaurant thus far...Le Beaujolais!  We all got Texane crepes today, which was ground beef, cheese, ham and a sunny-side up egg on the top, accompanied by french green beans.  Second time was just as good as the first!  

Eating gluten free successfully requires a little research, a lot of reading of menus, and a very good sense of adventure.  I say this because it is a growing diet change and awareness worldwide.  This area of culinary delights is still in it's early stages.  We have grown with it!

Having the ability to take our crepe mixes with us now is so helpful!  Eating out when you have to be so picky can get old quickly.  Having options for fixing our own food is wonderful!  Tomorrow we are going to locate a supermarket so we can make some crepes at our little appart-hotel (we have a really little kitchenette).  

It will be even easier to purchase foods here, as I read and speak French.  But for tonight...our meal was splendid!  It hit the spot and now I am tired and I am going to hit the bed for some much needed shut eye!