We travelled the hour drive to Alicante proper today.  Wow!  It is a spectacular city.  There is much to see as well.    It is located right on the Spanish Riviera just like Denia, but the beaches are far more vast and the city is considerably larger.  The Castillo de Santa Maria, located here, has a far richer history and is much larger as well.  

As this is a heavily travelled tourist destination, the food also reflected this international flare.  This famed walkway was right next to an array of restaurants serving international meal selections.  We ate at one restaurant and all chose totally different menu choices:  I chose Chicken Korma (an Indian/Hindi dish), David had Cannolini (Italian dish), and Anna Mae had beef tacos and nachos (Mexican selections).  

Being here for the day was easy as the food was diverse enough to offer all kinds of naturally gluten free choices.  It also had my new delight...gelato and espresso for a mid afternoon snack!  Here are some more fun pictures.  They even had a ship much like the Spanish Armada ships must have been!

Ahhh...fabulous culture, exquisite weather, great food, and time spent enjoying with two of my adult children!  Another great day!

Have a great day!   -gfmama