We shopped, visited Notre Dame, walked the streets in Paris, and saw the Eiffel Tower.  Great first full day in Paris.  Only one thing could have made it better...finding gluten free crepes.  Yes - we did!  

See that yellow symbol next to the french flag under Nos galettes/Our savories creps?  That is the gluten free symbol.  That little yellow symbol just made our hearts sing!  After our long walk, we felt like we were starving.  WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?  I forgot to take pictures of our crepes. They were so so good.  I also forgot to get the name of the restaurant.  Oops!  We loved it so much we will go back again...never fear!

Anna Mae and I were also happy to see Creme Brulee, also gluten free, on the menu.  Chocolate Mousse was also available, but our favorite is Creme Brulee.  Yummy!  

Whenever we see a menu that has been prepared to make gluten free people aware that their food is safe for us, we celebrate.  Dining out has come a long, long way in the 14 plus years that we have been gluten free.  

So, today was an absolute success!  David and I ordered the Texane crepes, and Anna Mae had the La USA.  All were very well prepared and lovely to eat!  It was a great finish to a great day!

- gfmama