This day began in a very fun way...relaxed and full of fun!  Anna Mae and I woke up early to go to the place where we would meet up for our kayaking, and cave, excursion.  We had seen a cafe overlooking the mediterranean sea that looked really good.  

Off we went, and after we got there with our beautiful view, we discovered that they were not open for breakfast.  Too late to go get food at another place...oops!  They did give us water, though, and let us take in the view.  

It is on days like these that I am extremely thankful that I eat gluten, grain and sugar free most of the time.  My blood sugar has stabled and so the exceptional day where I miss a meal, or so, I am fine.  When I used to eat a lot of sugar and starchy carbohydrates, my blood sugar would spike and drop, leaving me hardly able to think clearly or function well.

After our water breakfast...then we started on our kayak, caves and snorkel adventure!  

We had a blast and then upon returning to our condo, discovered that we were supposed to fly to Paris in just a few short hours!  So, we packed up very quickly and departed.  Once we arrived at the airport, 4 hours later, we hurried to check our suitcases and board our plane.  Whew!  Fast day!

Thankfully, we had our pre-packed snacks to see us through. (Mentioned and pictured on Day 1).  You just never know when you will need them!  By the time we got to Paris and then took the Metro to our hotel...we were bushed!  

And THAT was our day!  Have a great day yourself...