Mama's Original Crepe Mix

Mama's Original Crepe Mix


Our Original Crepe Mix tasty crepe has a nice, neutral flavor and can be filled with virtually any ingredients.  Additionally;

*This product is gluten, grain and grasses-genus free (We call this 3G Free).  Whether you eat a gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, traditional, or anything in-between diet, you will love how this crepe allows you to richly taste the ingredients of your choosing. 

*This crepe mix delivers a subtle taste that can pair with virtually any ingredients.

*Extremely quick and easy to make, either at home or away from home.

*European-style tasting crepe.

*Excellent taste and texture.

*Making a sandwich in this crepe allows you to taste the inside flavors without your tastebuds competing with the heavy taste of dough.

*Filling without a glut of calories, this crepe delivers satisfaction.

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