Great Gluten Free, Grain Free, Refined Sugar Free, and Nut Free Cookie Mixes!

Wow!  Where were these cookies when I started on this gluten free journey 14 years ago?  This is a game-changer in the dessert options for those of us who eat gluten, grain and sugar free.  It is a breakthrough for the nut free folks too!  

I have longed for cookies that didn't give me a cookie belly or carb coma, and so we went to work creating.  The above video highlights our chocolate cherry variety.  Did you know we also have snickerdoodle and stevia sweetened chocolate chip varieties as well? DID read that correctly!

Here at gfmama's, we feel strongly about leaving behind the gluten, grains and refined sugars WITHOUT leaving behind the great taste of freshly baked cookies.  Eating healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless eating.  There are so many wonderful tasting flavors that can be enjoyed in the right mixes.  

Our commitment to ourselves, and to you, is to bring you the very best tasting cookie, crepe and pizza mixes.  We are working tirelessly to create a whole new healthy way of eating.  Using ingredients that are natural, and healthy, creates cooked goodness that can be enjoyed without fear of unknown ingredients and fillers.

In our kitchen, we have no glutens, grains, or refined sugars.  What this means for you is that our products are produced in a kitchen that isn't loaded with potential cross-contamination sources.  This isn't just a business for IS the way we live!

Cross-contamination has become a very real problem for many people, especially those who are celiac.  Here is a link to an article with good information, "Preventing Cross-Contamination — Expert Tips to Help Clients Adhere to a Gluten-Free Diet at Home".  My daughter and I have been extremely careful while traveling this summer, and yet we have been sick with cross-contamination several times.  Our way of combatting this is to now take our gfmama's crepe, pizza and cookie mixes with us and stay in places where we have use of kitchens.  

As a result, we have begun to enjoy our travel much more.  It has helped us to minimize our potential problems.  But...I digress!  Back to the cookie mixes....

These mixes are created using a tapioca, coconut and banana flour mixture.  The combination of these three flours yields a very pliable, sweet, and tasty product.  They are sweet without being overpowering, and will satisfy your desire for a little treat without you needing to sacrifice your health!  

 So, without further ado.....

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!.....Give a warm welcome to gfmama's 3 G Free cookies; SNICKERDOODLE, CHOCOLATE CHIP. and CHOCOLATE.  In addition to these continual offerings, we will be offering variations from time to time.  Our first  the first being CHOCOLATE CHERRY!  Chocolate Cherry will be only for a limited time, so get yours before they are gone! (gfmama's online store)

Bon Apetit.....