A New Kind of Pizza - 3 G Free!

In the very near future, gfmama's will be releasing our newest creation...A new kind of pizza - 3 G Free!  The love of pizza is one love shared by the majority of Americans.  It has become a staple of our diets over the past 100 years.  I share this love, and yet I do not like the carb coma that results afterwards...even when I eat a gluten free variety.  

It is the grains and GMO ingredients that are used in most pizza crusts that produce this gut bomb in me.  I have noticed that my 'day after pizza' is usually not productive.  My mind is fuzzy and I am cranky too!  Yuck!  So, I got to thinking...how about creating a healthy option?  Corn and rice flour, while gluten free, still gave my digestion a hard time, so I set out to create a flour combination that would satisfy my longing without the negative impact.

Considering many flours, I settled on the combination of tapioca, coconut and garbanzo bean flours.  The result is fabulous!  It mixes easily, rolls out without sticking to the rolling pin, and bakes up with a really good texture.  The crust comes out uniform, solid and not gooey or leaking oils, etc.  Voila!!  A treasure.  

The variations are endless when you have a good pizza crust as a base!  We get that here at gfmama's.  That's why we have been tirelessly working to develop a high quality crust mix that won't leave you feeling any regrets after you eat it.  Food is meant to be enjoyed and then nourish our bodies, not leave them worse off!

Here are a before and after photos of the bar-b-que chicken pizza we created.  Can I just say....yum!  Absolutely as good as it looks!

Baked to perfection!

Baked to perfection!

As you may have noticed from the initial photo, we have been hard at work creating and then trying out our pizza creations!  A tough job, but someone's got to do it!  On a serious note, we have made delectable creations for breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees.  It has been a really fun project for us.  Below are some ideas for pizza combinations that hopefully will get your creative juices flowing too!  (Just a side note - it is a must to grate your own cheese from blocks of cheese yourself!  Why?  Because there is usually flour coating the grated store bought varieties to prevent sticking.)

Ever considered having a breakfast pizza?  We love it!  Here are some ideas for potential ingredients.  Sausage (I like to make my own), bacon (we use turkey or chicken bacon), any left-over meats sautéed, eggs, hash browns, sautéed vegetables (onions, garlic, peppers, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.).  

Lunch pizza can also be really fun.  How about putting your salad ON the pizza?  You can bake the crust ahead of time and then top with salad and viola...quick and easy lunch.  Love more fancy ingredients?  Smoked salmon, arugula, vegetables and goat cheese make a light, but very tasty option.  Chicken salad is easy and tasty - especially the variety with grapes!  You think of what you love at lunch.....put it on a pizza crust for a new twist.

Dinner pizza can be a way to upgrade some of your dinner favorites.  I love curry chicken.  On a pizza crust it has a slightly different presentation for a fun change.  Nacho pizza works great - especially with football season just around the corner.  Bacon cheeseburger pizza is a hit with teenagers!  Then you can dress it up more as the occasion dictates.  Cut it into small pieces for a great appetizer.  

The variations are endless....but it all starts with a great, healthy pizza crust.  We, at gfmama's, have got you covered!  Visit our website (www.gfmamas.com) for more great ideas and fabulous products that make eating gluten, grain and sugar free not just a great idea, but a GREAT TASTING PLAN for a fabulous quality of life.

We always love to hear from you.  Please share you ideas and questions with us and we will get back to you.  Do you have a product that you would love to see created?  Let us know and we will do our best to get cracking on it!

Have a great day!