Guilt-free Delectable Sugar, Gluten, and Grain Free Chocolate Crepes

Want a chocolate treat but don't want the sugar that ALMOST always goes with it?  Well, search no further...we at gfmama's have got you covered!  Using a gfmama's chocolate crepe mix (Sweet Crepe #2), whipping cream, vanilla, stevia and stevia sweetened chocolate chips, you are minutes away from mouth watering satisfaction!   The above video shows the simple preparation of the crepes.  Below is the simple preparation of the whipping cream.

I REFUSE to believe that eating sweet treats has to mean gazillions of calories, not to mention the bloating and resulting carb-coma ANY LONGER!  There is another way and it starts with a mindset shift.  What I mean by mindset shift is the change from the 'traditional' American diet filled with grains, refined sugars and unhealthy fats.  I have created some very tasty sugar, gluten, and grain free dessert treats that not only DO NOT produce adverse effects physically, but actually taste great.  Come on board with us at gfmama's and join our new food revolution.  

Eating is meant to be pleasurable.  Each of us has within us the natural mechanisms to make healthy, great tasting choices and still be able to maintain our natural body weight size.  Our minds, when functioning clearly and healthily, are absolutely amazing at keeping us healthy and satisfied.  The key is a mindset shift from the diet choices that are producing extra fat, autoimmune disease, and mental fog.  

That is what we are about here at gfmama's.  We have created these crepe mixes that will help you on your journey to a new healthy you.  There are sweet crepes and savory crepes available for purchase on our website.  We are just about to release our new pizza crust mix this summer too.  How would you like to be able to eat pizza and still feel and look great?  You can.

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