Homemade Casava Root Chips Deliver Mouthwatering Satisfaction

Homemade cassava root chips deliver mouthwatering satisfaction  without unnecessary unhealthy fats.  I fried these beauties up in coconut oil today, and we are really enjoying them!  Cassava root is not only what tapioca flour is made of, but is also a tasty treat on it's own.  

When I was in the Dominican Republic recently, I had fresh cassava root chips.  They were marvelous!  I also had cassava root baked, and mashed.  Yum!  Between the plantains, cassava root and yucca, I was in healthy carb heaven.  So, when I got home, naturally I set out to make these delectable treats here.  These chips are my first success.  Hopefully, many more varieties to come......

Lastly, I want to reference a good article on Cassava, entitled '5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CASSAVA FLOUR.'  Eating new foods, and then incorporating them into your list of useable foods is fun!  Make it a taste adventure for you and the one's you love.  

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