Delightful Breakfast Choices In The Dominican Republic

Delightful breakfast choices in the Dominican Republic greeted me as I arrived at my resort.  I was so excited to begin to try them....and I have not been disappointed!  Mangoes, plantains, yucca, papaya, cassava root, carribean oranges...the list of foods that had my mouth watering was extensive!  

Eating to acomodate a gluten or even grain free diet is easily done in the beautiful Dominican Republic.  This also includes the Caribbean at large.  The local crops, and eating patterns of the Caribbean, and especially Dominican people, make these diet types very welcome.  I have been here for 7 days now, and have had no shortage of foods to select from for breakfast or any other meal.

 I encourage you to travel with confidence here.  You will enjoy the abundance of healthy, fresh foods.  You will also enjoy the welcoming Dominican people.  My time here has been delightful.  I have made many new friends.  Discovering new ways to cook and prepare so many favorite foods of mine has been a delight as well.

One of the traditional Dominican breakfasts consists of fried eggs, fried salami, and mangu.  I had the pleasure of eating this dish on my first morning here.  It was delightful, and my view as I ate was fabulous as well!  Unfortunately, I took pictures of the view...and not the meal. My view, pictured second below, simply took my breath away.  I have included a video to show how to prepare this fabulous dish called mangu!  

Plantains, yucca and cassava root are all staples in the Dominican diet.  It is a diet also rich in plentiful fresh fruit and vegetables.  Below you will see a couple of pictures of my breakfasts that I have enjoyed this week.  The food has been wonderful, and I have continued to feel great!  

Omelets, with chopped vegetables like peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spinach have been excellent.  The chef has prepared the omlelet right in front of me.  The eggs are cracked into bowl after I choose the ingredients.  These omelets are absolutely delightful.  There is also a selection of bacon or ham for those who want to add it in.

Fresh salamis and chorizo, along with sliced cheeses, are also available.  I enjoy these as well, as you can see by the pictures.  Then.....the fruit!  I love tropical fruits!  Mangoes are my very favorite.  Then you have papaya, cherimoya, coconut, matey, passion fruit, guava, sapodilla....the list could go on and on.  Trust me when I say there is plenty to eat just in fruit alone.

Breakfast also includes orange juice...fresh squeezed, of course.  Yum!  There are plenty of fresh squeezed juices available here.  Watermelon juice is a popular one, as is pineapple.  If you went on a juice fast down here, it would be accomplished quite easily.  

There are also beans available, although not as much as I thought there would be at breakfast here at the resort.  Meat and egg protein, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are the choices most plentiful.  These are good choices as well, for hydration and to get you a good healthy start for the day.  

Coffee is readily available as well, as there are many coffee plantations here in the Dominican Republic.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee and the coffee I have had here is really really good.  Cacao is also a main crop in the Dominican Republic, so mochas and the like are very fresh and tasty.  On my next trip here, I am hoping to schedule time to meet with the coffee plantation and crop farmers to see if I can develop relationships to source their organic coffee, cacao and flours for my gfmama's 3 G Free mixes.

In closing, I greatly urge you to plan a visit.  Adventure is the spice life.  My life has been made richer for my time here.  This has been my first, but definitely not my last, trip to the Dominican Republic!  

Be on the lookout for more blog posts.  I encourage you to leave comments, and suggestions, and will get back to you as soon as possible.  Visit our website at to order your gfmama's crepe mixes.  As always..."gfmama says...You are what you eat from your head to your feet!"  Make healthy choices and love your life!