Behind the products is a passion for quality of eating, quality of living, and optimal health...

Behind the products is a passion for quality of eating, quality of living, and optimal health...

Focus and philosophy..   

At gfmama's we are passionate about creating great tasting foods that are healthy for you. All of our cooking mixes are 3 'G' Free (Gluten, Grain and Gunk - Oops! I mean sugar - Free!) It was vital to us to develop appealing textures and taste, because we too eat this way. So... we put our science education to work and developed formulas (Ok, recipes) that meet and exceed these standards.

We, at gfmama's, believe that food is most beneficial when kept it as natural as possible. When you read our labels, you will be surprised to see that our ingredients are foods...not chemical additives or components. Also, there are no artificial colors or preservatives in our products.

Much research and care has gone into the choosing of our ingredients. Everything you eat has the potential to enhance or detract from your overall health and well-being. As such, we strive to source the very best quality for all of our mixes and use the components in the natural form that is the most beneficial. For example, natural stevia leaf powder is used as our sweetener, which is much easier on the digestive tract than the stevia blends.

A happy, well-fed, and healthy customer is a repeat customer.

All of our cooking mixes are designed to be easily prepared and affordable. The ingredients that the consumer adds to the mixes are staples found in most households. This was very important for us as well. (We've done our share of googling ingredients necessary to make some store bought gluten free cooking mixes - ugh!) Our goal was to make preparation of our mixes quick and easy. We want to help people make healthy eating decisions, without taking up all of their free time or breaking the budget.

Currently our product line includes the following mixes. (We are diligently working on new products for future release);

Original Crepe Mix (Savory #1)

Chive and Garlic Crepe Mix (Savory #2)

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Crepe Mix (Sweet #1)

Chocolate Crepe Mix (Sweet #2)

Original Pizza Crust Mix

Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Chocolate Cookie Mix

Chocolate Cherry Cookie Mix